• 27Jun
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    I woke up this morning without a hangover for probably the first time in the two months since I landed here. Before I went to the mattress store, I went to a local shop that sells a wide range of stuff from books and toys to clothes, food, toiletries and even cookware and small electric induction hotplates. Mainly I wanted clothes and some toiletries. But the clothes were all too small. Biggest size they had was a 44 and by my reckoning I think I’m a 50 or maybe 52 so nothing fits me. But I get some soap, shampoo, deoderant and a couple of bottles of water. I head off and pass a roadside shop that sells clothes. I walk in and look briefly but a guy comes out and makes a motion of having a big stomach and then give me a “so so” motion with his hand. Ahh, he’s saying “Sorry dude. We don’t have clothes in your size you fat bastard”.

    Yeah well fuck you too, I didn’t want your overpriced shit anyway. All the clothes are French and a pair of shorts is $65 USD and up. Do I look like the sort of person who wants to wear Louis Vuitton or Lagerfeld ? No. Not in the slightest. So shove your undersized, overpriced french fashion. I was complaining to Jess last night how I have been unable to find clothes in my size. She said “Don’t worry. I know LOTS of guys your size and they all buy clothes here. There’s a big shopping centre in District 1 called the ‘Metro’. All the westerners do their shopping there. You’ll find your size there no problems”. Thanks Jess, you’re a goldmine of useful information.

    So anyway, I’m back in my apartment, sitting on my new mattress in the air conditioning, drinking a glass of red wine and eating tuna on crackers. Today I got groceries, a new bed, I got offered work here, and this afternoon, I have a date with Hoa to take her to the movies.

    Am I happy ? You better bloody believe I am. Sometimes life is good to you. Very good.

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